Move the shut-in point farther down the production curve

We help you get more production for less cost through a life-of-well production strategy. From initial to late-stage production, our global expertise and broad portfolio of technologies help you refine and optimize your artificial-lift system at the well, field, and asset levels.

Our field-proven workflow begins with identification of the most cost effective artificial lift method. For early production systems, our portfolio includes jet pumps, a proven technology for frac flowback, well cleanup, initial drawdown, and first production. For mid-to late-stage production, we offer fully integrated rod-lift systems, the world's leading gas-lift systems, and more.

Informed Planning is the best defense against
aggressive decline curves

The right form of lift isn't a single answer.

Whether your scope is just one well or dozens, each is an opportunity to maximize your production potential. As an unconventional production pioneer, we can help you create and manage a smooth and economically productive decline curve.

Leveraging the world's deepest and broadest artificial-lift toolbox – including jet pumps, hydraulic piston pumps, gas lift, conventional rod lift, long-stroke rod lift, foam lift, and plunger lift–we create a production plan that delivers exactly what your well requires without favoring one form of lift over another. Paired with our life-of-well chemical-injection, lift-monitoring, and production-optimization technologies, only Weatherford artificial-lift systems go beyond the status quo to deliver the right tools at the right time.

Depending on each well’s unique characteristics and its stage in the production cycle, some forms of lift will perform better than others. As conditions change over the life of your wells, we can provide innovative solutions that enable you to transition to more efficient lift systems with minimal downtime.

Flexible Systems that decrease costs and
increase production

Our artificial-lift systems extend the economic life of fractured wells. As production changes throughout the life of the well, we can provide innovative solutions that enable you to transition to more efficient lift systems – be they gas-lift, rod-lift, or other technologies from our extensive toolbox-with minimal downtime.

Learn more about Our Portfolio of Artificial-Lift Systems
Learn more about Our Portfolio of Artificial-Lift Systems

Efficiently manage each and every stroke

An efficient artificial-lift system operates like a tuned symphony: the motor and pump communicate, coordinate, and operate at an optimal rate. Because unconventional artificial-lift systems must continually adapt to changing flow conditions, we created the WellPilot® variable speed drive (VSD), a technology that delivers dynamic flow-rate control.

The WellPilot® VSD gives you infinite variations on the speed and torque of every stroke. Featuring a built-in, power-regenerative, variable-speed, rod-pump control with the best harmonics suppression system in the industry, this system reduces power consumption and mechanical stress on your artificial-lift systems.

Download WellPilot® Brochure PDF (1.24 MB)
Download WellPilot® Brochure PDF (1.24 MB)